Boys - Mornings

Pippa WallisComment

Before I had Rafferty I hated mornings, usually because I was inevitably hungover from another night out or I was getting up early to go to the gym before work.

Nowadays I hate mornings for a completely different reason. I hate mornings because my boy seems to think 5:15am is an acceptable time to get up - IT IS NOT.

We get all the usual excuses for getting up, he needs a drinks, he has had a bad dream, he even comes into our room to ask if he can go to the toilet!!!!!! The most ironic one is the "I'm scared" excuse. What are you scared of I ask? Bad guys he responds - I gently break the news to him that he is more likely to be killed by Mummy or Daddy than a stranger and pack him back off to bed for another hour.

Now I get up at 6am, not so I have time for the gym or so I can grab a coffee on the way into work but just so I can sort the small person out and drag my bedraggled arse to work before I am late for the 10th time this month!