Boys - Gender

Pippa Wallis

Whilst doing my make up last week, my boy was sat watching me. Mummy what's that? Mascara Raffy. Mummy what does that do? Its to try make me look semi human Rafferty. Mummy can I have some on? For a split second I was going to say no but then I thought about it, why was I going to say no?

He is five (just) and at the moment he doesn't really understand the gender differences. Yes he knows he is a boy and I am a girl but that's really where it stops. He doesn't have a predisposed idea of what boys do and what girls do. What boys roles are and what girls roles are, if there is such a thing anymore.

To him the whole world is fascinating, he wants to have a go at everything, football, dancing, rugby, gymnastics - anything goes. When he was a toddler we bought him a baby - he had chosen this particular baby when we were out shopping one day. I could tell my husband wasn't entirely comfortable about it but he let it go and Raff was obsessed with this baby - for about 2 weeks and then like every other toy, it was cast away as quickly as it came.  

The most important thing I have taught Rafferty is tolerance. That nobody is more important then anyone else. Things are so simple in the eyes of children. In his eyes there are no boys and girls, no black or white, no religions or cultures, no gay and straight, no rich or poor. To him we are all just people. We are all just equal. What a lovely world to live in.