Boys - Leaving my boy

Pippa WallisComment

When I tell people we are going on holiday without our child I get a mix of reactions. Some people will say "Oh how lovely - lucky you" other people try their best to hide their horrified faces.

Robert and I have left Raff for 6 days to have a break in Ibiza (my 30th birthday present from Robert). Before you feel too sorry for him let me explain a few practicalities. The first is that its term time and I wouldn't take him out of school and yes we had to go in term time as we had been invited out to see someone so couldn't pick and choose our dates.

The second thing is that while we are away Raff will be staying with his Grandma and Grandad, he will be truly spoiled and will love every second.

The third thing is that Raff is getting two holidays this year a family one with all of us in July and another in August with his Nana and my Grandma so he wont be short of sun and sand this year.

Lastly is that I feel its really important for Rob and I to have time together just the two of us. We have been together for 12 years and married for 6 and quality time together can be in short supply. Coming from a divorced family I absolutely do not want my son growing up with a mum and dad that are divorced. Don't get me wrong having divorced parents is better than having unhappy parents, I think having two parents happy and apart is much better then having them together and miserable.

So before you scoff at me and say "how can you leave your child" just remember I'm leaving my child for a few days a year so that hopefully I never have to leave him for longer and more often, so that I never have to spend a birthday or Christmas day away from him and so that when the day comes that Raff leaves home, Robert and I still have a relationship, there is a name for it - its called "empty nest divorce". The sad fact is, that having been together for many years lots of couples separate or get divorced when their children leave home. They realise that they have nothing left in common and only stayed together for the children’s sake. Most don't even realise how far apart they have become. Raff is the single most important person in my life but he isnt the only person.